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Upcoming Events & Specials @ Junior’s Pub Vancouver


Monday at 11am – $7 Burger & Fries
Join us at Junior’s every Monday for our All Beef Burger with Fries only $7 ALL DAY!



Taco Tuesday – $3 Tacos (3 min)
Join us at Junior’s every Tuesday for Tacos just $3 each ALL DAY!



Wednesday at 11am – Wing Day! -only .59 cents each (dine-in only – drink purchase required)
Wing Day! Chicken wings are only $0.59/each ALL DAY LONG! You’ll love the size our our wings and our great selection of flavours: honey garlic, salt and pepper, dry cajun, hot, BBQ, teriyaki & spicy thai. Also, check out our great jug features on every wing day for only $14!


Thursday at 11am – Steak Sandwich -only $10 All Day!
Join us at Junior’s Pub every Thursday for our steak Sandwich special, only $10 ALL DAY!



Friday at 11am – Half Rack Ribs -only $9 / Full Rack $15
Join us at Junior’s Fridays for LIVE Entertainment starting at 8:30pm!



Saturday at 11am – Steak and Prawns -only $14 All Day!
Join us at Junior’s every Saturday for Breakfast TILL 2PM! Half Rack Ribs $10/Full Rack $15 & $14 Steak & Prawn special All Day!



Sunday at 11am – Breakfast & NFL Sunday Ticket (during NFL season)
Watch up to 14 action-packed NFL games every Sunday .. all in stunning HD. Sunday Breakfast TILL 2PM! $9 Fish & Chips



Sunday at 8pm – Karaoke Sundays
Karaoke at Junior’s 8pm – 12am Sundays. Sunday Breakfast TILL 2PM! $9 Fish & Chips


Food Specials Require a Beverage Purchase



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